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Wish Kit
The "Falling Star Wish Kit" is a self made falling star. Each star contains golden dust, golden sand and a suevite (a stone caused by the impact of a meteor against earth, donated by the Rieskrater Museum Nördlingen) and works like this:Tip the falling star over your hand... take a run-up...  throw the falling star far up away ... and make a wish! The suevite acts as the core of the falling star and the gold sand as its tail. Throw away your own shooting star now and make a wish! No more wasting time waiting for comets!

01Sternschnuppe.jpg 02sternschnuppe.jpg 03sternschnuppe.jpg 04sternschnuppe.jpg 05Sternschnuppen.jpg
Limited Edition, 2012; 6 x 5 x 6 cm; Suevite, golden dust, golden sand, lack, sheet metal, glas